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Corporate secretarial and administrative services are provided to exempted and local corporate clients through CHW's owned company, Coson Corporate Services Limited.

Coson provides the administrative and support services necessary to enable clients to conduct business in or from Bermuda, efficiently and in compliance with the various statutory obligations contained under Bermuda law. Coson's services include:

summary information with respect to changes in Bermuda law

accurate maintenance of all statutory records

timely filing of all required returns with the relevant regulatory authorities

a registered office facility

a boardroom and other support facilities for meetings

a representative to attend at formal meetings of the directors and shareholders to take, prepare in final form for signature and distribute the minutes to those entitled to receive them

Bermuda resident directors, trustee and nominee services

a corporate secretary who is available to respond to any ongoing enquiries concerning the administration of the company, assigned to each company administered by Coson.

Theresa Grant (corporate manager)
Jeannette Monk
Karen Woollery
Dionne Hackett
Patreese Simmons

Cumerland House
9th Floor
1 Victoria Street
P.O. Box HM 1561
Hamilton HM FX

t. 441.295.4630
f. 441.295.1879


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